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Here is the place to post your sighting of animals and of plants in the Sligo Creek watershed or in the Park itself and to peruse what others have seen and reported. It is a fascinating list, growing year by year. No need to feel shy; what is of interest to you is what is fine to post, and interesting behavior and surprising locations are useful to record. Thanks for taking part - as a reader or as a reporter - in the web of life in Sligo Creek.

Carol Boston thesis on technology and
Sligo Sightings, 2011-2013 (48-page PDF)
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Yellow-Crowned Night Heron Perched on a branch by the creek, just downstream from the Carroll Ave bridge 6:50pm, Thu, Mar 26, 2015 Laura Otolski The heron was perched on a branch across the creek. A dozen trail walkers of all ages stopped to admire it, pointing it out to each other. I was able to identify it on sight because I'd seen one a few years ago, standing in the creek, near Wayne Ave.
2013 Photo by Lenore Boulet
Nip twigs and bud scales from squirrels feeding on American Elm buds 30 feet downstream from the footbridge crossing Sligo near the south end of the soccer fields (along the west bank just inside the Beltway) Mon, Mar 9, 2015 Michael Wilpers Lots of little brown bud-scales were sprinkled liberally across the snow beneath a mature elm, along with a scattering of 2" to 6" twigs, each showing a 45-degree-angled cut at the base typical of squirrels feeding. High above, three squirrels scurried about cutting twigs, eating swollen buds, and dropping twigs to the ground.
Album of Photos by Michael Wilpers
Dozens of bees on hundreds of Crocuses Long Branch between Patterson Ct. and Carroll Ave. 3pm, Sun, Mar 8, 2015 Michael Wilpers The bees moved busily among the blanket of Crocuses, occasionally landing and collectively making a faint but audible buzz. Some had fat pollen sacks under their legs for delivery to eggs or larvae in their underground nests. These may be Mining Bees (genus Andrena), as they are known to emerge in late winter (while snow is still on the ground) and they were abundant in March in the Pepco corridor along Sligo in in our survey of 2013. (Don't know if they overwintered as adults or matured from eggs or larvae while under snow.)
Album of Photos by Michael Wilpers
Barred Owl vocalizing Half-block from Long Branch Park, on Maplewood Ave Thu, Mar 5, 2015 Michael Wilpers The owl started singing about 5:30 pm, just after my neighbor let her dog into their back yard. The Lab's barking was of a similar vocal range and tone-quality to the owl's, and he may have stimulated the bird's song.
Barred Owl Amazing Vocals
Red Fox Dryden St and Gilmoure Dr, Silver Spring, MD 3am, Mon, Mar 2, 2015 Heather Is it red fox mating season? We have heard them two nights in the past week. My cats go crazy!
Sapsucker gleaning, hawk alighting, Mourning Dove singing In the Park and neighborhoods between the Flower Avenue playground and Maple/Maplewood Ave Feb 17&18, 2015 Michael Wilpers Along the steep slope upstream from the playground, a Yellow-bellied Sapsucker made its presence known by loud "mewing" sounds and moved up and down the lower trunk of a mature hickory(a few feet from me), picking away at the bark and apparently finding over-wintering insect food (eggs, larvae, adults?) despite the freezing temps. On Glenside, a Mourning Dove sang its song once and stopped (the first one I've heard this year). The hawk (Red-tailed?) landed on a branch about 25 feet up near my bus stop on Flower.
Yellow-bellied Sapsucker web page
Deer antlers dropped in winter Upstream from Park Valley Rd Sat, Feb 14, 2015 Kit Gage It is typical this time of year for most bucks to lose their antlers. These antlers seem a bit small, indicating perhaps that the deer were not well fed. Six to eight point antler bones would be expected. Deer lose antlers one at a time. These were found several hundred feet away from each other in the forest duff, and are both right antlers
Photo by Kit Gage
Saplings gnawed by beaver On west side of bridge connecting Crosby Rd and football fields, parkway and golf course - just inside the Beltway Wed, Feb 4, 2015 Ned Greeley Gnawing occurred on at least 2 different occasions.
Album of Photos by Ned Greeley
Giant wild grape vine Just downstream from Dennis Ave, between the paved path and the creek Thu, Feb 5, 2015 Michael Wilpers The huge vine ascends vertically alongside and parallel to a River Birch of similar thickness, so it could easily be taken as a tree upon casual viewing. It emerges from the soil behind a Tulip Tree and extends up 25 feet unattached, before it threads through a fork in the birch, over to a Red Maple, and on up to the canopy. Approximately 15 inches in circumference, 7 inches in diameter. Let's pray no one cuts it down thinking it's an invasive!
Album of Photos by Michael Wilpers
Several Eastern Bluebirds At the end of Orebaugh Ave. in the Sligo Headwaters section of the park 1:30pm, Wed, Feb 4, 2015 Leah Haygood At least 3. In the past, I've seen a pair, most often near the path to the Kemp Mill Shopping Center. The fact that there were more than two in a group makes me think they may be breeding successfully. I never used to see them in this part of Sligo Creek ParkAt least 3. In the past, I've seen a pair, most often near the path to the Kemp Mill Shopping Center. The fact that there were more than two in a group makes me think they may be breeding successfully. I never used to see them in this part of Sligo Creek Park.
Web Photo
Red Fox Between Parkside Road and Comstock Branch 10:40am, Sun, Dec 28, 2014 Mike Livingston Large red fox ran across our back deck on the north side of Comstock Branch in broad daylight!
File Photo by Kit Gage
Hawk A Woodman Ave backyard (by the Wheaton Branch spur) Thu, Dec 18, 2014 Michael Pollock He ? was watching me take his picture. Smile!
Photo by Michael Pollock
Northern Goshawk Perched on an antenna, at the north end of the roof of Parkside Plaza (the 18 story building at Three Oaks and Sligo Creek Parkway) 10:45am, Thu, Nov 27, 2014 Alan Abrams and Janet Kinzer We had never seen a goshawk before, and we only saw him from behind--but its tail was almost solid grey, with 2 very faint stripes. we could also detect a distinct white eyebrow.
Web Photo
Buck with arrow in shoulder A backyard two blocks from the Windham Lane entrance to Sligo Park (just south of Univ. Blvd.) Thu, Nov 20, 2014 Jane Barrett Last Thursday I looked out of my sliding glass door to see this beautiful buck looking in. I have lived in this house for 28 years and have only seen 1 deer behind my house. I live in a town house with a very small back yard and a fence behind the yard. When I saw the arrow I panicked and called 911 and waited for a call. He had a big drink in the bird bath, ate some azalea and wondered to the front yard. He went down the hill and back to the Park. When I got a call from Natural Resource Police, they told me there was nothing they could do. If an animal is close to death, they will come and put it down, but since my buck was healthy, there was nothing to do. They said he would probably knock the arrow out but rubbing against a tree or something. The wound did not look like it had bleed much.
Photo 1 by Jane Barrett
Photo 2 by Jane Barrett
Photo 3 by Jane Barrett
Eastern Bluebird North of University Boulevard, near the Kemp Mill Shopping Center mid-afternoon, Sat, Nov 22, 2014 Stuart Armstrong I saw another one at the same place about two years ago.
File Photo
Witch-hazel in bloom Wheaton Branch, between Woodman and the confluence with Sligo Sun, Oct 26, 2014 Michael Wilpers All the branches were packed with this native tree's strange spindly flowers. Quite a gorgeous sight with the yellow leaves -- unusual, too, as often the leaves have already dropped before the flowers appear.
Photo by Michael Wilpers
Katydid and cicada Downstream from Colesville Road Mon, Sep 15, 2014 Stuart Armstrong Saw these handsome insects on an extended walk from Colesville Road to Carrol Avenue. The katydid was crossing Sligo Creek on a bridge, traveling slowly on foot. The cicada hitched a ride on my shirt a bit later. We were all going in the same direction.
Katydid Photo by Stuart Armstrong
Cicada Photo by Stuart Armstrong
Showy Bur-Marigold, Purple False Foxglove, Cardinal Flower, Late-blooming Boneset Kemp Mill stormwater ponds, banks and floodplain Sat, Sep 27, 2014 Michael Wilpers In recent years, the banks of these ponds have been a muddy wasteland. This fall, they are ablaze with a blanket of small, white asters and tall bonesets and some gorgeous rarities. The Showy Bur-Marigold was not reported in Sligo in the 2003 survey, but now there's a nice stand of it. The Purple False Foxglove and Cardinal Flower were both reported as rare and only in this section of the Park. A very woody/shrubby aster lines the creek just upstream from the ponds (it appears not to be herbaceous).
Album of photos by Michael Wilpers
Chicken of the Woods mushrooms Downstream of Maple Ave, just past the Carroll Ave bridge 2:15pm, Sun, Sep 28, 2014 Patty Barden Brilliant color
Photo by Patty Barden
Northern Water Snake Downstream of Maple Ave between Cherry and Hayward Map showing location. 3:30pm, Wed, Sep 17, 2014 Patty Barden
Photo by Patty Barden
Turkey Vulture Dale Drive at Galveston Road, just inside the park 11:45am, Fri, Sep 26, 2014 Robert Mac A bird with a very large wing span caught my eye as I was running down Galveston. It alighted on a small tree and I crossed Dale to get a better look. It saw me and took off. I got a good look at its head.
July 2014 Photo by Michael Pollock
More giant native wildflowers Forest Glen wetland & Wheaton Branch ponds Sun, Sep 14, 2014 Michael Wilpers Rarest was cardinal flower (5 ft tall) at SE corner of Forest Glen wetland, alongside cat-tail, white snakeroot, & a tall smartweed (Pale?), with 7-ft high fireweed nearby. Tallest was 9-ft high Jerusalem artichoke, near a colony of tall goldenrod (S. altissima), both on the north berm of the WB ponds.
Photos by Michael Wilpers
2 Double-crested Cormorants Wheaton Branch Stormwater Management Pond 9:30am, Wed, Sep 10, 2014 Bob Cantor This was in addition to most of the usual summer residents - Great Blue Heron, 3 Black-crowned night herons (2 juvenile, 1 adult), Belted Kingfisher, Wood Duck and several Mallards.
Web Photo
Giant native wildflowers: Beggar Ticks, Pokeweed, and Giant Ragweed Long Branch, between Carroll and Hudson Mon, Sep 8, 2014 Michael Wilpers Most of the specimens were 7 feet tall or higher. The Beggar Ticks (Bidens frondosa) were especially abundant on Long Branch Parkway and in the newly unmown wetland near Carroll. Some Pokeweed was blooming and fruiting on the same plant. The Giant Ragweed (Ambrosia trifida) was mostly on LB Pkwy near Carroll.
Photos by Michael Wilpers
Large Milkweed Bug nymphs - Oncopeltus fasciatus In my garden on butterfly weed. Garden is along Fleetwood Terrace in Silver Spring off Dale Drive in Silver Spring. Mon, Sep 1, 2014 James Anderson My wife found them and wondered what they are.
Photo by James Anderson
Two foot long snapping turtle Confluence of Long Branch and Sligo just upstream from NH Ave 7:15am, Thu, Aug 14, 2014 George Neighbors
Photo by George Neighbors
Flooding from heavy rain Upstream and downstream from Maple Ave 1pm, Tue, Aug 12, 2014 Clair Garman The heavy rain of Aug 12 closed Sligo Creek Parkway and flooded the banks of the creek.
Photos by Clair Garman
Northern Watersnake Next to the trail just north of parking lot near Brunett Avenue 10am, Sun, Aug 3, 2014 Jane Norman The snake was nestled in the brush by the side of the trail.
Photo by Jane Norman
Solitary Sandpiper, Beaver Water retention pond behind the Lamberton Shopping Center plaza mid-afternoon, Mon, July 28, 2014 Angela Atwood-Moore The sandpiper was happily skimming the perimeter of pond for snacks; the Beaver tried to slyly slink along the bank in the shadows.
Turkey Vulture and Blue Heron at the Ponds Dennis Ave Water Retention Ponds 4pm, Fri, July 18, 2014 Michael Pollock Turkey Vulture Photo by Michael Pollock
Blue Heron Photo by Michael Pollock
Yellow-crowned Night-Heron In the creek below the Dennis Avenue Recreation Center 6:30am, Wed, July 16, 2014 Susan Hunt The adult Yellow-crowned Night-Heron was hunting in the creek this morning.
June 4 Photo by Andrew Wood
Eastern Box Turtle Under Carroll Ave bridge Wed, July 9, 2014 Patty Barden as hanging out in the mud next to the path. By the time I returned it was heading up into the brush.
Photo by Patty Barden
1. American germander flowers visited by a hawkmoth
2. Orange milkweed and Bottlebrush grass in flower
3. Indigo Bunting singing
4. Purple passionflower
Pepco right-of-way corridor btw. New Hampshire and East-West Hwy Sun, July 6, 2014 Michael Wilpers A beautiful colony of a few dozen American germanders (a kind of mint) for the second summer on slope near the bottom of a gully. Hawkmoth visit was dramatic if brief. A handful of Orange milkweed were in a different location from last sighting in the ROW a few years ago. Bottlebrush grass was gorgeous against the setting sun, while the Indigo Bunting sang in blazing light half-way up a powerline tower. The purple passionflower was in bloom.
Album of photos by Michael Wilpers
Bottlebrush buckeye in flower and doe tending to fawn Between Carroll Ave. bridge and Flower Ave. (section 2) Fri, July 4, 2014 Michael Wilpers The Bottlebrush buckeye is a small tree/tall shrub native to Alabama but occasionally planted further north. A spectacular flower array up to 2-feet tall, which I'd never seen. The doe seemed to have only the one, tiny fawn, which it licked all over while standing in the creek.
Deer with Fawn Photo by Michael Wilpers
Bottlebrush Buckeye Photo by Michael Wilpers
Yellow-crowned Night-Heron and two fledglings In the nest reported by John Abbott on June 13 (along the parkway across from the Windham Ln. pathway)in the big oak tree and near the nest in the creek morning and afternoon, Fri, July 4, 2014 Susan Hunt The adult Yellow-crowned Night-Heron was hunting in the creek this morning (around 7:30), and two ginormous fledglings were sitting in the nest tree at 2 in the afternoon. There was also a Great Crested Flycatcher sitting on the picnic table at the pull-off near the nest. Veeries and Wood Thrushes were singing in the morning.
Doe with two fawns Just North of Wayne Avenue on Sligo Creek Trail 6:25am, Tue, July 1, 2014 Hugh A. Rand Very cute fawns
Photo by Hugh A. Rand
Yellow-Crowned Night Heron Sligo Creek Golf Course morning, Sun, June 22, 2014 Woody Brosnan
Photo by Woody Brosnan
Eastern Garter Snake Water body off the trail near Kemp Mill shopping center Sun, June 22, 2014 Usmah It was about 2 ft long, moved very swiftly, and it vanished into the grass in less than 30 seconds.
Web Photo
Female Red Tailed Hawk Left bank between Wayne and Piney Branch (section 4) Thu, June 18, 2014 J. Hunter Found the body of a large adult (at least a year old) female red tailed hawk. Good size and weight, full crop and remnants of last meal on beak. No visible signs of injury. She likely died after ingesting a poisoned rodent.
PLANTS: Bracken fern. In bloom: Elderberry, Silky dogwood, Field chamomile Pepco powerline corridor adjacent to the east side of the Creek Sat & Sun, June 15 & 16, 2014 Michael Wilpers Bracken fern was listed as "very rare" in Sligo in the 2003 survey. This patch was on a slope between the two foot-paths. Two Common elderberry bushes were struggling to compete with porcelainberry (one btw hiker-biker path and the Creek; another on the south edge of the corridor). One Silky dogwood was on the north edge. Field chamomile (aka Corn chamomile, an alen) was in the mown area alongside the paved path.
Photos by Michael Wilpers
INSECTS: Plume moths and Grape leafroller moths Pepco powerline corridor adjacent to the east side of the Creek Sat & Sun, June 15 & 16, 2014 Michael Wilpers The plume moth is one of the stranger-looking insects I have ever seen, with spiny legs and what the field guides call an "airplane" look when resting. These could be Buck's plume moths (resting in bright sun on common milkweed). There were a couple dozen Grape leafroller moths (wide black wings with white markings) resting on and flying around one of their caterpillar host plants: the ubiquitous porcelainberry, at dusk. Perhaps these native moths can help retard the spread of this invasive vines.
Plume Moth Photo by Michael Wilpers
Web Photo of Grape Leafroller Moth
Yellow-Crowned Night Heron Family In the same nest as my two previous sightings (along the parkway across from the Windham Ln. pathway) 3:30pm, Fri, June 13, 2014 John C. Abbott This visit has increased the count of nestlings to 5! Four can easily be seen from the south side of the nest (especially when they are active). From the north side a 5th nestling can be seen (it seems to want to look out that side). They are getting big, and when the parent arrived there were wings flapping everywhere and table manners went out the door!
North-side Photo by John C. Abbott
Souuth-side Photo by John C. Abbott
Female Common Snapping Turtle (Chelydra serpentina) Upstream from Wayne Ave about 20 feet from the water's edge 10am, Fri, June 14, 2014 Mitch Greene Turtle was actively engaged in egg-laying. I left her to go get a camera for documentation and to avoid stressing her. Was gone less than 15 minutes and she had left the spot. Looked like she re-entered the water a little upstream from where she exited, but I'm an awful tracker. My other thought is that she reentered at the exact same spot. (My two-year old promptly destroyed the tracks--sorry!) Nest is appx 0.5m in diameter as was the turtle's shell. She had a distinctive hole on the left rear side of her shell. I witnessed her hind legs digging and at one point what I thought was a stream of eggs that were promptly buried (I was appx 3m away) before I left.
Yellow-Crowned Night Heron Family Between Creek and Parkway, north of Dennis Ave. opposite Windham Lane 2:30pm, Sun, June 8, 2014 John C. Abbott Previously I was only able to see one nestling, but today I saw 2 for sure, and possibly a 3rd.
Photo by John C. Abbott
Yellow-Crowned Night Heron Near Dennis Avenue by the set of 3 picnic tables, nest in the tree above the road Wed, June 4, 2014 Andrew Wood Photos by Andrew Wood
Photo 1
Photo 2
Photo 3
Photo 4
Photo 5
Yellow-Crowned Night-Heron Family Between Creek and Parkway, north of Dennis Ave Fri, May 30, 2014 John C. Abbott Sighted one nestling, actively being fed by both parents. This is a new nesting location, no longer visible from the paved path now that the trees have leafed out. Nest is in a large, spreading oak.
Nestling Photo by John C. Abbott
Parent Photo by John C. Abbott
Directions to nesting site (PDF)
Yellow-Crowned Night-Heron Pair In the field just north of where Wayne Ave. crosses Sligo Creek 6:24am, Wed, May 28, 2014 Hugh A. Rand The two Yellow-crowned Night-Herons were foraging in the middle of the grassy field. It looked like one found a large earthworm and ate it.
Photo by Hugh A. Rand
Snapping Turtle On the Sligo Creek Trail, 100 yards or so south of Piney Branch Road 11:30am, Fri, May 16, 2014 Sam Stokes I would guess that the shell was 12-14 inches long. It didn't appear to move a muscle for the ten minutes or so that I observed it.
Photo by Sam Stokes
Wild Ginger Plants Between Piney Branch & Wayne (section 4) Thu, May 15, 2014 Jim Anderson Wild ginger was found in a patch that seemed to be expanding. I didn't know what it was until I found the flowers at ground level under the leaves. This is a relatively rare plant in Sligo Creek Park, as noted in the native plants of Sligo Creek inventory. It was reported in Section 3 and is now also found in Section 4.
Leaves Photo by Jim Anderson
Flowers Photo by Jim Anderson
Two Eastern box turtles Right next to the Sligo Hiker-Biker Trail midway between Dennis Ave. and the Forest Grove Park Playground 9:30am, Tue, May 13, 2014 Christina They appeared to be fighting over territory. The smaller on held its ground and drove the larger one off across the trail. Neither was the least bit disturbed by or afraid of people or dogs that were passing by.
File Photo
Swainson's Thrush A pair has been regularly seen (and heard) on the Northwood Chesapeake Bay trail (behind the Northwood High School ball fields). Almost daily since May 6, 2014 Angela Atwood-Moore The song definitely ascends, and the fieldmarks that distinguish it from Grey-cheeked or Bicknell's (notable eye-ring) and Veery (more extensive chest streaking but less so than Wood Thrush) have also been clear on repeated sightings now. This seems to be a pair, perhaps looking to nest (or already nesting) in this little grove where they continue to hang out.
Listen to the song of Swainson's Thrush
File Photo
Acadian Flycatcher and Black-throated Blue Warbler Edges of Sligo woodlands, north of Forest Glen Road Sun, March 4, 2014 Early-bird outing led by David Blockstein The group of 50+ adults and some youngsters saw these two species among other, more commonly seen birds -- with especially clear views of the Acadian Flycatcher perched out on a branch, brightly lit by sunshine.
Details of tour
Acadian Flycatcher
Black-throated Blue Warbler
Black Turkey East West Highway and Linden Avenue - about halfway between New Hampshire Ave and Sligo Creek on EW Highway 11am, Tue, March 11, 2014 Ann Graham I saw the bird as I was exiting Linden Avenue onto East West High Way. The bird crossed the street from the open land on the side of EWHY and Fairview avenue over to HWHY and Linden Avenue. I actually thought I saw an exotic bird and I called the Humane Society of PG county and left a message but no one returned my call. Now that I visited your website I am confident that it was a turkey. I could not imagine a turkey in Takoma Park.
Swainson's Thrush Comstock Branch which joins Sligo just upstream from Maple Ave Tue, May 6, 2014 Tori I was excited to hear what I think was a Swainson's Thrush this morning, near Comstock Branch. I didn't see it, only heard it sing for about ten minutes. It's possible this was a different thrush (a veery?) but it sounded to me like the song was ascending in pitch, like a Swainson's. Such a beautiful song!!
Listen to the song of Swainson's Thrush
File Photo
Wild Turkey New pedestrian/bike path at the end of Colt Terrace - upstream from University Blvd 5:30pm, Mon, May 5, 2014 RK Wild Solo turkey was casually walking from west to east across the new pedestrian/bike path. I saw it from my car as I returned home. ! ran inside for a camera and was back out in 2 minutes, but turkey had disappeared into the ribbon of woods between the Colt Terrace field that terminates at the junction of Arcola and Kemp Mill.
Eastern tent caterpillars feeding on multiflora rose Between the creek and the hiker-biker trail at the upstream edge of the Pepco powerline corridor Sat, May 3, 2014 Michael Wilpers There were at least three of these native caterpillars feeding on one branch of the multiflora rose. It was heartening to see a native caterpillar feeding on a non-native invasive shrub.
Photo by Michael Wilpers
Natives in flower: Common fleabane, Dwarf cinqefoil, Bluets, Dewberry, Common blue violets In the Pepco powerline corridor on east side of Sligo Creek (btw. NH Ave. and E-W Hwy Sat, May 3, 2014 Michael Wilpers Among the naturalized non-natives in bloom were Spring vetch (a pea w/purple flowers) and Common winter cress (aka Yellow Rocket, a mustard)
Photo Album by Michael Wilpers
Herd of 9 deer, including one juvenile In the woods near the playground where Flower Avenue crosses Sligo Creek - section 2 7:45pm, Sat, Apr 26, 2014 Michelle and Xavier  
Black-crowned Night Heron Slightly downstream of where Windham comes into the path, perched in a tree near the Parkway and adjacent to the tree with the Yellow-crowned Night-Heron nest - section 8 11:30am, Thu, May 1, 2014 Susan Hunt We couldn't see if the Yellow-crowned Night-Heron was on its nest, but we were glad to see that the nest is still there after yesterday's torrential downpour. The Black-crowned Night-Heron was perched in a nearby tree.
File Photo by Lenore Boulet
Green Heron Between the 2nd & 3rd foot bridges downstream from New Hampshire Ave Sat, April 19, 2014 Alan Abrams and Janet Kinzer Initially, the bird was stalking in the creek. When we noticed it, it flew up to a low branch along the bank.
Photo by Alan Abrams
Poison ivy--new growth It is everywhere! Sat, April 26, 2014 Laura Mol These images were taken along the paved path just north of the bridge crossing the creek to the Sligo-Dennis Community Building. Ya gotta admire the vigor of poison ivy, as well as its beauty in spring and fall (and wildlife value). And it's good to know--for precautionary reasons--what poison ivy looks like, in its many varied forms across the seasons.
Photo Album by Laura Mol
Yellow-crowned Night Heron Standing in the creek, just downstream from Wayne Ave Wed, April 23, 2014 Corinne & Doug Stephens We also saw a Yellow-crowned Night Heron in the creek a few days before, just north of Wayne, by the track field. We didn't have a camera with us either time, but we'll try to get a photo!
Photo 1 by Doug Stephens
Photo 2 by Doug Stephens
Blood root flowering; cut-leaf toothwort; Dutchman breeches; and trout lily Blood root was found blooming in Section 4 below Piney Branch Road and in the woods along Dale Drive above the playing field. The cut-leaf toothwort, Dutchman breeches and trout lily were found in the woods between the Creek and the inside path. April 9, 2014 (blood root), others on April 16, 2014 James Anderson There are lots of patches of trout lily in most areas of Sligo Creek Park. Unfortunately, lesser celandine is over growing most areas where there are early blooming plants in Sligo Creek.
Photos by James Anderson
Common Ribbonsnake Trail near the Kemp Mill shopping mall 2:45pm, Sun, Apr 13, 2014 Will K. Large for the species (30+ inches I think), and very active, moving quickly through the brush near the trail. Healthy-looking animal.
Web Photo
American Bittern Close to the Parkway, just downstream from Schuyler Road, in a tuliptree adjacent to the tree with the Yellow-crowned Night-Heron nest 9:30am-7:30pm, Sun, Apr 13, 2014 Susan Hunt Seems unusual to see a bittern in a tree but it was quite unmistakable, viewed by many passersby and birders.
Web Photo
Two Yellow-crowned Night Herons Slightly downstream of where Windham comes into the path, in a tree right next to the Parkway - section 8 8am, Thu, Apr 10, 2014 Susan Hunt They were sitting close together on a small pile of sticks, fairly high in the tree--looks like nesting behavior to me
File Photo by Don Olson
Great Blue Heron Upstream from Dennis Ave, section 8 2pm, Wed, Apr 9, 2014 M. Faigin Amazing! It's a huge bird! Saw it swallow a large fish in one gulp.
Photo by Don Olson May 2009
Kestrels mating, Red-bellied Woodpecker tending nest, Towhee singing, 2 Black Vultures soaring In the Pepco powerline corridor along Sligo (btw NH Ave and EW Highway) Sun, Apr 6, 2014 Michael Wilpers The two Kestrels were on a horizontal branch about 20 feet up across from the 16th Pl entrance to the corridor, along the S border of the meadow. Further W along that border, the woodpecker was venturing into and out of a perfectly round hole at the top (30-ft up) of a decapitated Sycamore. The Towhee was singing from a branch about 15 ft up right where 16th Pl. meet the powerline corridor, but it sooned dashed into dense brush to the east. The vultures were circling high in the sky, eventually disappearing from sight.
American Kestrel File Photo
Yellow-crowned Night Herons Schuyler Road and Sligo Creek Parkway just upstream from Wayne Ave Tue, Apr 1, 2014 Pamela Maslen There are two herons nesting together.
Photo by Pamela Maslen
Eastern Bluebirds Section 9 along the bike path at the intersection of the path into the Kemp Mill Shopping Center 2pm, Mon, Mar 31, 2014 Leah Haygood Two bluebirds (a pair?) were softly singing. Also a Phoebe nearby -- the first I've seen this season
File Photo
In flower: Spicebush, Persian speedwell, Corn speedwell, Common chickweed, Purple dead-nettle, Hairy bitter cress, Lesser celandine Lower Sligo, between New Hampshire Ave. and East West Highway Sat, Mar 15, 2014 Michael Wilpers The Spicebush flowers might be males, but difficult to tell as it looked like the reproductive parts had not yet emerged. The celandine is a highly invasive alien. The rest are naturalized non-invasives and were restricted to the mown areas on either side of the paved hiker-biker trail at the Pepco powerline corridor.
Photos by Michael Wilpers
A bat Between Univ. Blvd and the Dennis Ave. recreation area, flying south over the Parkway Dusk, Mon, Mar 10, 2014 Michael Wilpers The bat had a wing span of about 10-12 inches and a fairly steady flight path approximately 15-20 feet above the Parkway. It was flying south about 100 feet in front of my car and stayed directly above the Parkway for about 200 yards before I lost track of it. All our bats (7 species considered "expected" or "possible") are insectivores, so it seems likely that some adult moths are already flying about.
Bats of Sligo Creek
Smooth Alder bush (Alnus serrulata) Just below the first parking lot downstream (south) of Univ. Blvd., on the right (stream) side of the Parkway Mon, Feb 17, 2014 Michael Wilpers This shrub in the Birch family is listed as "uncommon" in the 2003 inventory of native plants of Sligo. I hadn't seen it here before. The dried fruits look like tiny pine cones. This particular plant had retained most of its leaves (all gnarled up), even at this late date(see photo), like some Ironwood trees I noticed this year (C. caroliniana), also a birch.
Photo 1 by Michael Wilpers
Photo 2 by Michael Wilpers
Pair of Red-tailed Hawks Atop a snag (dead tree) at the Kemp Mill stormwater ponds, located just north (upstream) from Univ. Blvd. Dusk Mon, Feb 17, 2014 Michael Wilpers I've seen Red-shouldered Hawks here before but this my first Red-tailed. I didn't notice them in the dimming light until one of the pair flew off. Thanks to Susan Hunt for help with the ID.
Photo by Michael Wilpers
Active Hawk Nest between Park Valley Rd and Piney Branch Sat, Mar 8, 2014 Kit Gage Huge nest, high up in a medium sized sycamore tree. Will try to determine the kind of hawk.
Photo by Kit Gage
Emerging leaves of Spring Beauty Sligo woods, N of Dennis, W of paved path Wed, Feb 26, 2014 Laura Mol Snowcover recently melted, the linear leaf of this early woodland wildflower is just starting to emerge and be visible against the leaf layer--now mostly oak leaves remaining. This first sighting is on a south-facing slope that is part of the rise from tuliptree-spicebush bottomland to oak-hickory upland, notable for an annual late-March show of many little flowers of Spring Beauty (Claytonia) amid also-eye-catching cobbles of mica-schist.
Photo by Laura Mol
Woodchuck Skull Between Piney Branch and Wayne (38.998609, -77.010201) 2:15pm, Sun, Mar 2, 2014 Hugh A. Rand The large post-orbital processes and large size of skull (along with squirrel-like incisors) make it a woodchuck. It was just lying on the ground - not buried at all. No other bones were found.
Photo by Hugh A. Rand
Eastern Phoebe Along the Sligo Creek trail between Forest Glen Road and Dennis Avenue 9:30am, Thu, Feb 20, 2014 Angela Atwood-Moore I don't recall every seeing Phoebe's this early. Last years mild winter seemed to bring them in a little earlier than usual (or maybe I was just out and about sooner with milder conditions), but I was very surprised to see this guy this morning, on a brisk February day. He will either establish a very coveted territory or he will freeze his little bouncing tail feathers off. I'm hoping for the former.
Web Photo
Wild Turkey Walking down Westland Drive then onto Balfour Drive (which backs onto the creek) - downstream from Riggs Rd in Hyattsville 10am, Mon, Dec 30, 2013 BJ Miller Another person says he's seen the turkey twice in the Creek area at the bridge entrance from Balfour Drive.
Photo by BJ Miller
Mallard ducks In Sligo Creek across from the golf course Fri, Dec 27, 2013 Laura Mol Paddling about in the creek, 22 mallard ducks--11 of whom were green-headed drakes (males). About 7:30 a.m. in brisk cold; location is a bit south of the Beltway.
File Photo by Don Olson
Red Fox Forest Glen Road at Sligo Park Mon, Dec 23, 2013 Laura Mol Just past dusk and seen in car headlights, a Red Fox was moving rather quickly northward (upstream) across Forest Glen and into Sligo Park just east of the stream. It was identifiable by the white tip to its bushy tail.
File Photo by Kit Gage
Coyote My yard next to Crosby Road bridge across from golf course 9am, Sat, Dec 7, 2013 Debbie Morley I have seen her in my yard twice before after the squirrels.
YouTube video explaining how to tell the difference between a fox and a coyote ?
Wood Duck pair On the water in Long Branch, just upstream from the playground at Kennebec 3pm, Sun, Dec 1, 2013 Michael Wilpers My sister Helen and her husband (visiting from Seattle) saw a "very colorful duck" while on a walk and identified it from a field guide after returning to my place. To my recollection, this is the first I've heard of a Wood Duck being spotted in Long Branch.
2011 Photo by Don Olson
Bald Eagle Upstream from University Blvd near the pond on the west side of the trail Wed, Dec 4, 2013 Anne I was cycling south on the trail, heard a bunch of agitated ducks, and suddenly a huge bird with a wide wingspan and a bright white tail flew out and up in front of me. I was not able to keep up with it on my bike, and it vanished from view.