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Here is the place to post your sighting of animals and of plants in the Sligo Creek watershed or in the Park itself and to peruse what others have seen and reported. It is a fascinating list, growing year by year. No need to feel shy; what is of interest to you is what is fine to post, and interesting behavior and surprising locations are useful to record. Thanks for taking part - as a reader or as a reporter - in the web of life in Sligo Creek.

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Yellow-crowned Night Heron In the creek between Dallas Avenue and the bridge at the south end of the soccer fields - between Colesville Rd and the Beltway 8:30am, Mon, Apr 27, 2015 Bob Cantor Photo by Bob Cantor
Eastern Red-backed Salamander My back yard under a concrete walking stone. We back up to Sligo Creek Park off Fleetwood Terrace. Sun, Apr 5, 2015 James Anderson We found 6 of them under different stones. Most were the gray or black, one had the red strip down its back. I have found these in different parts of my yard when digging for the past few years. File Photo
Barred Owl outside my back door along the Wheaton Branch Spur Tue, Apr 21, 2015 Michael Pollock Photo by Michael Pollock
Yellow Crowned Night Heron Just downstream from University Blvd Tue, Apr 21, 2015 Michael Pollock Photo by Michael Pollock
Trout Lilies Just south of Dennis Avenue Apr 20, 2015 Bob Cantor Several of these blooming just off the Sligo Creek Trail on the creek side.
File Photo by Michael Wilpers
Yellow-crowned Night-Heron pair nesting in front of the tennis courts just upstream from Piney Branch Road Apr 8-15, 2015 Suzanne I actually didn't know what they were and when I tried to identify them at home, the closest I got was a blue heron. Thank you for helping me identify them.
File Photo
Yellow-crowned Night-Heron Along the parkway across the creek from Windham (just downstream from Univ Blvd) 11:45am, Sun, Apr 12, 2015 John Abbott They're Back! I spotted one (probably Dad) on the nest this Sunday (the same nest as last year). I was about to leave when Mom popped her head up from the nest and looked around.
Photo by John Abbott
Yellow-crowned Night-Herons on the nest In a tree by the Parkway, downstream from where Windham dead ends at the paved trail. (just downstream from Univ Blvd) 5pm, Thu, Apr 9, 2015 Susan Hunt Both herons were on or next to what appears to be the same nest they used last year.
File Photo
Opossum Little Eastern Avenue between Walnut Avenue and the "paper" First street between 6737 and 6741 Eastern Avenues, DC midnight, mid-March 2015 Jean Capps My husband saw the possum when our cat raised a ruckus when she saw it going between the two houses (our and our next door neighbor). He said it was over 2 feet long and quite large.
Yellow-Crowned Night Heron On the open grassy area between the neighborhood back yards and the paved path, just downstream from where Windham dead ends and connects with the paved path (just downstream from University Blvd) 8:30am, Fri, Apr 3, 2015 Susan Hunt Last year the herons had a nest near today's sighting - in addition to the one usually seen further downstream (at Wayne) - so I have been looking for them and hoping they would nest here again. This morning two joggers approached me to ask me what the bird on the grassy field was. They thought it was "some kind of heron" and they were right! Another walker (plus his friendly dog) and I admired it for a while until it flew off in the direction of the trees where the heron nested last year.
2013 Photo by Lenore Boulet
Red Shouldered Hawk pair Upstream from Park Valley Bridge 4:15pm, Wed, Apr 1, 2015 Kit Gage One hawk was sitting on the nest, presumably on eggs. They were seen mating a couple weeks ago. The second hawk was about 100 feet away on a low tree branch looking for food. This is the second year for the hawks at this location.
Photo by Kit Gage
Yellow-Crowned Night Heron Perched on a branch by the creek, just downstream from the Carroll Ave bridge 6:50pm, Thu, Mar 26, 2015 Laura Otolski The heron was perched on a branch across the creek. A dozen trail walkers of all ages stopped to admire it, pointing it out to each other. I was able to identify it on sight because I'd seen one a few years ago, standing in the creek, near Wayne Ave.
2013 Photo by Lenore Boulet
Nip twigs and bud scales from squirrels feeding on American Elm buds 30 feet downstream from the footbridge crossing Sligo near the south end of the soccer fields (along the west bank just inside the Beltway) Mon, Mar 9, 2015 Michael Wilpers Lots of little brown bud-scales were sprinkled liberally across the snow beneath a mature elm, along with a scattering of 2" to 6" twigs, each showing a 45-degree-angled cut at the base typical of squirrels feeding. High above, three squirrels scurried about cutting twigs, eating swollen buds, and dropping twigs to the ground.
Album of Photos by Michael Wilpers
Dozens of bees on hundreds of Crocuses Long Branch between Patterson Ct. and Carroll Ave. 3pm, Sun, Mar 8, 2015 Michael Wilpers The bees moved busily among the blanket of Crocuses, occasionally landing and collectively making a faint but audible buzz. Some had fat pollen sacks under their legs for delivery to eggs or larvae in their underground nests. These may be Mining Bees (genus Andrena), as they are known to emerge in late winter (while snow is still on the ground) and they were abundant in March in the Pepco corridor along Sligo in in our survey of 2013. (Don't know if they overwintered as adults or matured from eggs or larvae while under snow.)
Album of Photos by Michael Wilpers
Barred Owl vocalizing Half-block from Long Branch Park, on Maplewood Ave Thu, Mar 5, 2015 Michael Wilpers The owl started singing about 5:30 pm, just after my neighbor let her dog into their back yard. The Lab's barking was of a similar vocal range and tone-quality to the owl's, and he may have stimulated the bird's song.
Barred Owl Amazing Vocals
Red Fox Dryden St and Gilmoure Dr, Silver Spring, MD 3am, Mon, Mar 2, 2015 Heather Is it red fox mating season? We have heard them two nights in the past week. My cats go crazy!
Sapsucker gleaning, hawk alighting, Mourning Dove singing In the Park and neighborhoods between the Flower Avenue playground and Maple/Maplewood Ave Feb 17&18, 2015 Michael Wilpers Along the steep slope upstream from the playground, a Yellow-bellied Sapsucker made its presence known by loud "mewing" sounds and moved up and down the lower trunk of a mature hickory(a few feet from me), picking away at the bark and apparently finding over-wintering insect food (eggs, larvae, adults?) despite the freezing temps. On Glenside, a Mourning Dove sang its song once and stopped (the first one I've heard this year). The hawk (Red-tailed?) landed on a branch about 25 feet up near my bus stop on Flower.
Yellow-bellied Sapsucker web page
Deer antlers dropped in winter Upstream from Park Valley Rd Sat, Feb 14, 2015 Kit Gage It is typical this time of year for most bucks to lose their antlers. These antlers seem a bit small, indicating perhaps that the deer were not well fed. Six to eight point antler bones would be expected. Deer lose antlers one at a time. These were found several hundred feet away from each other in the forest duff, and are both right antlers
Photo by Kit Gage
Saplings gnawed by beaver On west side of bridge connecting Crosby Rd and football fields, parkway and golf course - just inside the Beltway Wed, Feb 4, 2015 Ned Greeley Gnawing occurred on at least 2 different occasions.
Album of Photos by Ned Greeley
Giant wild grape vine Just downstream from Dennis Ave, between the paved path and the creek Thu, Feb 5, 2015 Michael Wilpers The huge vine ascends vertically alongside and parallel to a River Birch of similar thickness, so it could easily be taken as a tree upon casual viewing. It emerges from the soil behind a Tulip Tree and extends up 25 feet unattached, before it threads through a fork in the birch, over to a Red Maple, and on up to the canopy. Approximately 15 inches in circumference, 7 inches in diameter. Let's pray no one cuts it down thinking it's an invasive!
Album of Photos by Michael Wilpers
Several Eastern Bluebirds At the end of Orebaugh Ave. in the Sligo Headwaters section of the park 1:30pm, Wed, Feb 4, 2015 Leah Haygood At least 3. In the past, I've seen a pair, most often near the path to the Kemp Mill Shopping Center. The fact that there were more than two in a group makes me think they may be breeding successfully. I never used to see them in this part of Sligo Creek ParkAt least 3. In the past, I've seen a pair, most often near the path to the Kemp Mill Shopping Center. The fact that there were more than two in a group makes me think they may be breeding successfully. I never used to see them in this part of Sligo Creek Park.
Web Photo