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Julius Kassovic, Marty Ittner and Ann Hoffnar contributed these photos of the recent Spring 2016 Sweep the Creek event.
- posted Apr 26

- posted Apr 26

- posted Apr 26
Anne Vorce uses a March 30 Sligo Water Watchdog report to illustrate best and worst practices by a WSSC contractor.
- posted Apr 23
Susan Claffey files a Sligo Water Watchdog report.
- posted Apr 20
Michael Laugherty files a Sligo Water Watchdog report about water from a construction site flowing into Long Branch.
- posted Apr 19
  • Spring Sweep April 23-24
  • Look for Spring Birds May 1
  • Learn About Emerald Ash Borer in Sligo
  • Stormwater Honor for FOSC President
  • Open House Draws Public & Officials
  • Sligo Middle Up for Green Award
  • Water Quality Training Held
  • Consider Wind Pollination
- posted Apr 12
Pat Ratkowski, our Water Quality chair, posts the amount of fecal bacteria present at several different locations in Sligo Creek for March 2016.
- posted Mar 21
Pat Ratkowski supplies the latest monitoring of four outfalls along Sligo
- posted Mar 21
This Smithsonian magazine article features Meghan Fellows (outgoing Weed Warrior director at Parks), Carole Bergmann of Parks, and Jim Anderson of FOSC, and of course our Sligo Creek. Great pictures.
- posted Mar 17
Sat, Apr 23, and Sun, Apr 24, in fourteen creek sections
- updated Mar 18
George Neighbors reports green water in Sligo at Park Valley Road. Anne Vorce reports the cause of the green water.
- updated Mar 8
Pat Ratkowski updates us on the effort to find the source of the detergent discharge into Sligo at Maple Ave.
- posted Feb 27
Jim Anderson has added to his excellent "Sligo After Dark" photo series with an album of photos taken this month.
- posted Feb 19
Bruce Sidwell, Advocacy Committe chair, has written a letter to the Montgomery County Council request to full restoration of the Parks Dept Capital Improvements Plan so it can improve the health of County Streams and fulfill Clean Water permit commitments. - posted Feb 12
have been added to our News Articles page.
  • Culling Deer Population
  • Sewer Overflows Down
  • Threat of Many Small Drains to Water Quality
  • Julius Kassovic on the Zen of Photographing One Creek Over and Over
- posted Feb 12
Lenore Boulet, Andrew Marcus, Michael Wilpers and Doug Stephens share their photos of the recent snow event as seen in Sligo.
- updated Jan 28
Imagine Sligo Creek Park 100 years ago and you may not envision bogs and swamps or a floodplain instead of a Parkway or no English Ivy but Japanese honeysuckle that was already "common everywhere." These are among many fascinating features of an earlier Sligo one can glean from “A Flora of the Sligo Valley,” completed in 1940 by local botanist Charles Lester Floyd. His Flora documents about 400 native and introduced species from his own observations and from historical collections dating back to the 1870s. Natural History chair Michael Wilpers stumbled across this fabulous resource at the Takoma Park Library. It's now on our website, thanks to webmaster Clair Garman, with indexes to the plant families and hot links to the relevant pages of the Flora.
- posted Jan 23


Emerald Ash Borer

Tue, May 10, 7:30-9:30pm
Silver Spring Civic Bldg

Talk of the Emerald Ash Borer and management approaches by Montgomery Parks with Parks' urban forester Patrick Harwood
Garlic Mustard - Section 6

Sat, May 22, 9-11am
Parking lot at
Dallas Avenue and
Sligo Creek Parkway

Pulling and bagging garlic mustard. Wear long sleeves and long pants.

Sun, May 21, 8:30am

Featuring the Sligo Creek headwaters
Weed Warriors - Section 7

Sat, May 28, 9-11am
Parking lot
Just upstream from
Forest Glen Road

Wear long sleeves and long pants. We meet regardless of the temperature, but do not meet if it is raining.
Sun, Jun 12

Ride with us or at your own pace along our streams from the Sligo headwaters to Bladensburg Waterfront Park and a pontoon ride. Register for pontoon ride with

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