Ways to Help Friends of Sligo Creek

Send e-mail to webmaster@fosc.org

Set-up Person for Program Meetings
Friends of Sligo Creek has 5 to 6 programs each year. We need a volunteer to set up the refreshments and sign-in sheets, brochures and name tags for each program. The volunteer must have space to store supplies and be able to carry boxes and bags of supplies to and from his or her house to the programs. The storage space required is really minimal and the hauling probably takes 2 or 3 trips to the car. This is not a difficult job, but one that is very important.

This job is key to making our programs welcoming and enjoyable. We get many kudos for providing snacks, juice, coffee and tea and having our own mugs and glasses, thus avoiding waste.

The job entails:

  • Bringing supplies to the program--cookies, juice, decaf coffee, tea, brochures...a list of the supplies is available.
  • Buying cookies, juice, etc. and sending the receipt to our treasurer for reimbursement.
  • After the event, taking supplies home, washing the glasses and mugs and putting them away for use at the next program.

Ann Hoffnar and Jane Barrett will be on hand at the program site to assist.

Ways to Help Allies of Sligo Friends

Volunteer Tree Stewardship
Volunteer Tree Stewardship in the Park can be as simple as scouting selected park areas and report concerns to the Park's Service Center or you can help maintain one of our Historic, Significant or Champion trees in the Sligo Watershed. Forest Stewardship volunteers program is looking for certified Weed Warriors who are interested in taking the next step in their volunteer efforts by helping preserve re-forestation areas or deer exclosure areas. These volunteer opportunities include training and a one year commitment. More information