10 Things You Can Do to Help Sligo Creek and the Greater Watershed

  1. If your yard borders the creek, don't dump grass clippings, brush or plant matter over the fence. The clippings add nutrients to your yard, so scatter them there or use a mulching mower.

  2. Limit the use of chemicals on your lawn. Over fertilizing and using harsh and powerful pesticides can cause problems in the Creek and the Chesapeake Bay.

  3. Reposition your gutter drainage so that water filters directly on to the yard, rather than on to pavement and into storm drains. This hydrates the plants and grass and reduces run-off into the Creek

  4. Keep your street free of debris and litter. Trash can easily be washed down into the Creek through gutters when it rains.

  5. Clean up after your dog when walking through the trails and along the streets in your own neighborhood. Fecal matter is a serious pollutant.

  6. Teach your children and teens not to litter.

  7. Reduce dependence on plastic bottles and containers-- they can only be recycled once. Plastic beverage bottles are a major litter eyesore.

  8. If you are planning a driveway, walkway, or patio, consider an environmentally friendly design that minimizes use of concrete and other impervious materials.

  9. Plant flowers, shrubs and trees in your yard. They provide many services, including absorbing water and providing habitat for wildlife. Also try to remove invasive plants such as English ivy and kudzu before they spread to the creek

  10. Join the Friends of Sligo Creek when we work in the park. Visit us on the web.

For more information about environmentally friendly landscaping see:     Lawn Care and the Creek - PDF     Sponge Gardening - PDF