Sweep the Creek Meeting Sites
Fall 2017

Saturday, Sept 30, 9-11am for
Sections 1, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10 Lower, 12

Sunday, Oct 1, 1-3pm for Sections 2, 4, 9, and 10 Middle,
W (for (Takoma Woods),
LB (for Long Branch Village)

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Section 1: Downstream from NH Ave Saturday, Sept 30, from 9-11am : Hillwood Manor Park. From Sligo Creek Pkwy. and New Hampshire Ave., go north on New Hampshire 1 block, turn right on Erskine St., then turn right on 13th Ave. Hillwood Manor Park is to the right.

Section 2: Maple Ave to NH Ave Sunday, Oct 1, from 1-3pm : Flower Ave. & Garland Ave. intersection near Sligo: Turn right on Sligo Creek Parkway from Maple Avenue and follow to site or go east from Carroll Avenue on Flower Avenue to Garland.

Section 3: Piney Branch to Maple Ave Saturday, Sept 30, from 9-11am : Parking lot near the intersection of Sligo Parkway and Kennebec Rd.

Section 4: Wayne Ave to Piney Branch Sunday, Oct 1, from 1-3pm : Parking lot by the tennis courts just upstream from Piney Branch Rd.

Section 5 Colesville Rd to Wayne Ave Saturday, Sept 30, from 9-11am : Meet in the parking lot along Sligo Parkway just upstream (north) from Three Oaks Drive.

Section 6 Forest Glen to Colesville Rd Saturday, Sept 30, from 9-11am : The Parkside Bridge. From Forest Glen, take the second park-in on the right, immediately following Dallas. From Colesville, take the first park-in on the left.

Section 7: Dennis Ave to Forest Glen Saturday, Sept 30, from 9-11am : From Forest Glen heading north, park at the first (only) parking lot, which is on the left. Walk away from the Parkway and across the bridge to the Sweep table near the paved path and the new playground, near the Kensington Children's Center on Dameron Dr.

Section 8 University to Dennis Ave Saturday, Sept 30, from 9-11am : Whitehall Bridge, a short distance up from the Dennis Ave. Recreation Center. From the parkway at Dennis, drive north past the Dennis Recreation Center to the middle bridge over Sligo Creek. (The bridge path connects Gridley Lane/Sligo Middle School fields to the west, and Whitehall/Tenbrook to the east.) There's a small parking turnout along the parkway that will be readily visible.

Section 9: Upstream from University Sunday, Oct 1, from 1-3pm: Kemp Mill Shopping Center at the intersection of Arcola Ave. and Lamberton Dr. Meet between Shalom Kosher Mart and the foot path.

Section 10 Middle Long Branch between Piney Branch and Carroll Ave Saturday, Sept 30, from 9-11am : Meet at Rolling Terrace Elementary School, Barron and Bayfield Sts.

Section 10 Lower Long Branch downstream from Carroll Ave Saturday, Sept 30, from 9-11am : Becca Lilly Park. Entrance at Merwood Dr. and Glenside Dr. intersection. Meet at message kiosk.

Section 12 Wheaton - Glen Haven Park Saturday, Sept 30, from 9-11am : From Beltway take Georgia Ave north 1 mile. Right on Windham Lane which dead-ends at the park.

Section W - Takoma Woods TP Public Works, Oswego Ave Sunday, Oct 1, from 1-3pm : From Maple Ave and Sligo Creek Pkway take Maple Ave towards E-W Hiway. Right on Ritchie Ave. Left at traffic circle at the top of the hill onto Oswego Ave. Meet at the gravel parking lot facing the Park and Planning Office on Osewgo Ave.

Section LB - Long Branch Village Sunday, Oct 1, from 1-3pm : The section of Long Branch between Wayne and Franklin - meet at the intersection of Long Branch Parkway and E. Wayne (halfway between Piney Branch and Franklin near the bridge that crosses the creek there).