There are many simple steps you can take to keep your house dry AND protect Sligo Creek from stormwater damage. Try some or all of these tips to get started.

Homeowner's Guide to Managing Stormwater

Catch stormwater with a rainbarrel

Rainbarrels sit under your downspouts and collect stormwater, decreasing runoff from your home. They also save you money by providing free water for your garden! Rainbarrels have screens that prevent mosquitoes from entering and overflow valves to direct water away from your house once they are full. Attach a hose to the spigot, enjoy the free water, and enjoy the feeling that you are helping Sligo Creek.

How to make, maintain, or buy a rain barrel

Build a raingarden

Direct the runoff from your house towards a raingarden - a planted area where native plants slow down the water, help it seep into the ground, and remove pollution. You will have the prettiest yard on the block!

Raingarden pictures from Montgomery County
American Elm Park
Forest Park
Eastern Middle School
How to make a raingarden
Help the stormwater committee build raingardens in your area

Landscaping for the watershed

Simple changes in your yard can make a huge difference for the creek! Using native plants, practicing grasscycling and reducing your use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides are easy ways to get started. You can have a beautiful yard and save money by using fewer chemicals on your lawn. Follow the links for detailed suggestions.

Grasscycling - keeping your lawn and the creek healthy
How to build a Better Backyard

Consider adding a green roof

Imagine sitting high above the street on your rooftop, surrounded by beautiful plants. A green roof can add beauty to your home while catching stormwater before it flows into stormdrains. Green roofs also help clean the air and decrease heating and cooling costs. Your green roof might even make your neighbors green - with envy!

Pictures of green roofs in the Sligo Creek Area
Green Roofs for Healthy Cities
All about green roofs
Center for green roofs research
Find local experts, manufacturers and suppliers that can help you plan your green roof

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