Sligo Stewards

Friends of Sligo Creek have been organizing, celebrating, and working together since 2001, in order "to restore to health the water quality, natural habitat, and ecological well-being of the Sligo Creek watershed by bringing neighbors together to build awareness, improve natural habitat, and protect our community's heritage." Sligo Stewards are a vital part of this work-providing oversight, leadership, and hands-on work within the section of the Creek in which they live. There are presently 18 sections in the eight-mile mainstem of Sligo Creek, plus its tributaries, with several openings for new stewards.

Sligo Stewards

  Section Steward
1 South of New Hampshire Nicole Robertson
2 New Hampshire to Maple Linda Tipton
David Koelsch
3 Maple to Piney Branch Bruce Sidwell
4 Piney Branch to Wayne Chris Richardson
5 Wayne to Colesville Terry Anderson
6 Colesville to Forest Glen Ross Campbell
7 Forest Glen to Dennis Judy Tasse
8L Dennis to Windham Lane Steward Needed
8U Windham Lane to University Margaret Herbers
9 North of University Kathleen Michels
Ed Murtagh
10U Long Branch (N of Piney Branch) Karen Hatwell
10M Long Branch (Between Piney Branch and Carroll Ave) Zach Boren
10L Long Branch (S of Carroll Ave) Jo Arnone
11 Takoma Branch Keith Kozloff
12U Wheaton Branch (above Dennis Ave) Mike Smith
12L Wheaton Branch (below Dennis Ave) Yasemin and Sam Luebke
13 Comstock Branch Steward Needed
14 Flora Lane Steward Needed
15 Takoma Woods Richard Payne

The work of stewards is variable, depending on interest and time, as well as the needs of the particular section and the people who live close by. Typically:

  1. Stewards know and love their part of Sligo Creek, and they
  2. Stewards arrange (or help arrange) events in their section
  3. Stewards serve as ambassadors for Sligo Friends


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