Sligo Memories

Remembrances of Sligo Creek

From Barbara Danielson

My sister, Anne Marie, died October 18, 1999, in a car accident on the corner of University Blvd. & Sligo Creek Parkway while returning home (on Erie Avenue) where we grew up.

My sister graduated from the University of Maryland and taught one year at Alexander School. Ten years later she returned to her parents' home suffering from debilitating illnesses (which started with childhood asthma). Between 1979-1999 Sligo Creek was one of her places of solace.

Our parents lived there for over 60 years (they moved there in Sept. 1938 right after my sister was born). My father would drive us many times over the years through the parkway, and when we were young (and during World War II) we rode behind them on bicycles through the park.

As for me, Sligo Creek was a natural wonderland as a child. It was where I began my interest in nature. I would play with the minnows in the creek (catch & release with a pan of course!). My father thought it humorous that I would played with the garter, ring-necked (my favorite), and once a racer, snakes. In the spring when the box turtles would emerge, I would take one home for the summer to care for. (my sister didn't like turtles; too bad for her that is UM's mascot!). Anyway, I built a tree platform in a cherry tree along Brashear's Run (Maple Avenue) to observe wildlife after elementary school before going home. I played in at the waterworks weir and pool. I remember fingering the writing on the President's Tree before the fence was put up. As I grew up, I walked along the length of the creek more. Too bad I never kept records of what I saw. But I remember a few favorite trees, such as the ironwood, and other plants and animals. The stone wall abutment to the parkway road near the intersection of Wayne Avenue and the stone bridge (Park Valley road) were wonderful structures to me. So was the Sligo Cabin where Girl Scouts held their meetings (both my sister and I were in Senior Troop 88 - but at different times).