New Plantings

If all the invasive plants were pulled to the sky from Sligo tomorrow, a great deal of soil would be bared. Before we remove large expanses of English ivy, multiflora rose, or any other plant covering a solid expanse of ground, we need shrubs and trees at hand to plant soon afterward.

Friends of Sligo Creek has a list of Sligo Creek native plants, created by John Parrish and RG Steinman.

In 1970-71 a Sligo resident named Dorothy Salisbury compiled a list of all the species she found over several years.

Two considerations need to be made in acquiring plants, whether they occur naturally in the part of the park they are being considered for, and whether they are of local genetic stock, or at least stock from the Potomac watershed. As an example, sweet gum occurs on the coastal plain, and so belongs only in the southern end of the park. Regardless of ability to measure,, we will need to add to the trees and shrubs on the banks. Some tree species such as sycamore form a particularly good shield against the rush of waters after a storm.

We may not be ready for large scale plant removal and replanting until 2004. At that point we'll need to organize local work days similar to those for plant removal.