FOSC's Kit Gage Leads School Group on Tour of Sligo
June 2017

On June 15th, 2017, Kit Gage joined the DC Jewish Day School's 4th grade class on a trip to Sligo Creek Park at Dennis Avenue. They divided the large group into three smaller groups, with one teacher and 10 students in each group. Kit then led each group on an exploration of Sligo Creek and its stormwater projects, visiting the FOSC kiosk too, to check out the current posting on fireflies.

They saw birds, fish, a crawdad, and many different plants. They discussed the impact that so many roads and parking lots have on the park, compared with the huge forests that used to exist there. Lots of questions, ideas, and enthusiasm!

You can view the thank you letter the 4th grade class sent to Kit here:

Jewish Day School thank you letter to Kit Gage