Invasive Plants and RIP

Removing Invasive Plants Project

Consider this:
Twenty years from now we can have ten alien plant species covering much of the Park, or we can have our 372 native plants thriving in impressive variety!

Over the last decade, invasive plants have caused a dramatic change in Sligo Creek Park. At the present rate of growth, native trees and other plants may slowly disappear. A few already have in particular sections. Plant changes can alter the habitat of wildlife, and make it hard on animals such as birds that may depend on particular plants for food.

Friends of Sligo Creek has set up RIP, the Removing Invasive Plants Project. Its goal is to inform residents about the impact of invasive plants in the Park, and under Park approval to work with residents in removing them. Removal events are held throughout the year following a plant calendar. With help from everyone, invasive plants in Sligo can be controlled, and we will avoid the prospect of encountering the same ten or so plants throughout much of the Park.

Written in 2004.