Photos by Don Olson

Baltimore Oriole Rhodendron Spring 2010 Yellow Crowned Night Heron 2010 Resting Spider

Rock Garden Man Meets Turtle Stone Bridge at Park Valley Road A Very Plump Robin

Upperside Red Spotted Purple Butterfly Bottomside Red Spotted Purple Butterfly Wading Grackle Northern Water Snake

Male Mallard On Rock Passion Flower Artist In The Park Red-bellied Turtle on Rock

Yellow Crowned Night Heron Night Heron Fledgling Black and Tan Squirrel Great Blue Heron

Great Egret Red Tailed Hawk Bathing Blue Jay Female Mallard Duck

Cabbage White Butterfly Black Crowned Night Heron Northern Water Snake Swimming Night Herons on Nest

Muskrat Swimming Snow Drop - a first flower of spring Mushrooms Early Fall in Sligo

Clusters of Mushrooms Deer Herd in Playground Pileated Woodpeckers Snapping Turtle in Algae

Retreating Rabbit Night Heron catching a Crawfish Resting White Tail Deer Yellow Shafted Flicker

Juvenile Yellow Crowned Night Heron Mallard Hen and Chicks Dragonfly Green Heron

Doe and Nursing Fawn Eastern Wood Pewee Box Turtle on Rock Great Northern Water Snake

Great Northern Water Snake Swimming Large Turtle in Algae Red Spotted Purple Butterfly Kids Playing Near Creek

Warm January 2012
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